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Get Yourself a Library Card!

It is great to have a library card!  

You get to explore great books, movies, magazines and other stuff.  It says you're responsible, clever and interesting.
  • Waterville residents, taxpayers, full-time Waterville City employees and their children are eligible for free Waterville Public Library cards.    
  • For children under 14, a parent or legal guardian must sign the registration form.  By signing the registration form, the parent agrees to comply with library rules on behalf of the child.  There is no minimum age requirement for a children's card.   
  • Please drop by the library anytime for a registration form.
  • Residents of other towns may purchase an annual family membership for $35 per year. 
Are you ready for your own Library Card?  Talk this over with your parents:
  • Do you come to the library with someone other than your parents or by yourself?
  • Will you keep your library card in a safe place and bring it to the library with you every time?
  • Will you look after the books and other things you borrow from the library?  Will you use them carefully and bring them back on time?   
  • If you lose or damage something, you must tell someone at the library right away.  You must make it right by paying to fix or replace it.  How will you do this?

You and your parents will probably go over the family rules for how to choose appropriate things to read, watch and listen to.  At the library, we can suggest many books and other materials that are right for you. 

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