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LearningExpress Library Now Available to All Maine Citizens!

All patrons of Maine Public Libraries have access to LearningExpress Library, courtesy of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) award to the Maine State Library.

In order to login to the learning resources from home or from other Maine internet enabled locations, all patrons must first authenticate through MARVEL! - Maine's Virtual Library. www.maine.gov/marvel/

To get started as a New User, create a unique username and create and verify a password. After this, when you return, you will always click on "Returning User Login."

LearningExpress Library offers students and adults unlimited, 24/7 access to targeted skill–building interactive courses in math, reading, writing, software applications such as Microsoft office, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as hundreds of online interactive practice tests that prepare them for several types of exams including grade school achievement tests, the SAT, GED, U.S. Citizenship, nursing, fire fighter, plumbing, civil service positions, and more. Complete answer explanations accompany each response so that patrons understand why a particular answer is correct or incorrect.

All practice tests include instant diagnostic score reports that help patrons to target those skill areas that need the most attention. To help students master the SAT and added essay, instant score reports provide immediate feedback on how well they performed in each of five writing skill areas.

LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator™ provides personalized, step-by-step assistance for job seekers at all experience and education levels—from exploring and matching suitable occupations from over 1,000 detailed occupation profiles to finding available jobs in their area from a database of over 5 million up-to-date job postings. With Job & Career Accelerator, users can easily create professional resumes and cover letters, master interviewing and networking techniques, improve work related skills, and prepare for occupation related exams. In addition, it helps job seekers plan, tailor, and track multiple job searches at the same time while providing expert advice and tips every step.

-Posted on September 27, 2011
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